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Music (ambient, electronic music, funk, HipHop)
Europe, Eastern
Russian Federation
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December 2, 2010
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Chip-Funk for 8 Bit-and-Pieces Freaks

Aleksei Devianin, aka Hucky O’Bare aka Stud aka Gultskra Artikler is Pixelord. Devianin’s musical alter egos have about as much in common with each other as a couch potato has with an agile super body from Second Life. Alexei Devianin is famed in the in the Net label scene, where he has produced Swith Kikapu, Kahvi and Acediamusic. He brought Gultskra Artikler to life when he started releasing on Autoplate in 2003.
His first album ("Gruppa Turistov", 2003) is a mix of folk-improvisations, field recordings, acoustic gadgets and drums. They also appear on Artikler’s "Gololed" mixed with free jazz snippets, heart beats, whispering voices and shots. Embedded within melodic quiet riffs is "Gololed’s" cool, sometimes icy, cinematic ambient music from Siberia. His label Autoplate describes it as “radical Siberian avant-garde music”, but perhaps it is borderline melodic avant-garde. In Gultskra Artikler’s "Gruppa Turtov" (2003) you can virtually hear his Novosibirsk roots. The warm (Neo-) Folk elements penetrate the high-tech sound colors and his mysterious Siberian soul saturates the music. His pseudonyms, according to Devianin, are only "a collection of various funny-sounding words from a variety of ancient languages" that don’t mean anything: "I just thought it sounds good."

Whoever lands on the artist’s homepage may choose between Gultskra’s neo-folk aesthetic and the younger alter ego Pixelord. The worlds divide beneath a psychedelic cat wearing colorfully flashing sunglasses. Those who click on Pixelord move into a different universe of sound. His music is based on 8-bit sounds. The chip-music comes from the world of consoles. The tracks follow the logic of levels, not the melodic loops."Cybernator" or "Cartoon Friend" sound a bit like a Super Mario soundtrack: Mario on the surface, in cloud land, under water, underground. Even the glitches and plings can be heard. Pixelord’s debut was "Glitchy Chipfunk Hipedihop Music", writes the producer and DJane Brigitte Bijoux in MP3 magazine Phlow about Pixelord’s debut "Lucid Freaks pt.1" (2010), adding: "This is absolutely extraordinary hip-hop, I’ve never heard it combined this way before ..., Lucid Freaks pt 1 ´is an absolute perfect cocktail of chip-music-funk with clearly flickering beats, like a staggering drunken monk "In fact -. the sounds flash or flicker across hip-hop and digital reggae rhythms, the sounds disintegrate. Of course, into pixels.

This explains the aesthetic Devianan as Pixelord has chosen. His visual language is inspired by the painter Michael Dotson. The album cover design on "Lucid Freaks pt.1" and "Lucid Freaks pt.2," which was released shortly thereafter, are reminiscent of the psychedelic-pop style of "Magical Mystery Tour". They open architectural dream rooms, inspired by a video game aesthetic of the 1980s. Just a couple of decades later, two German started tinkering with the software for 8-bit sound technology. The programs for chip artists has since been called Nanoloop, Little Sound DJ or Pixel8.

How does Devianin aka Gultskra Artikler explain the relationship between First and Second Life music? In an interview with Russian music blog Gimme5 he said, "I used to create rhythmic music under the alias Gultskra Artikler. The latest Gultskra album is coming out in April (2010). I had recorded it long before the Pixelord stuff and - to be perfectly honest - I had forgotten about it ... It was a transitional phase. I´ve left it behind.” Devianin has created an avatar. It has wandered from his old Siberian soul into a digital body – We’ll listen to it as long as it sounds good.
Author: Heike Gatzmaga


Acid Mafia Vs Pixelord

Published Audio,
Als Pixelord. N.A. Hyperboloid

Love Is

Published Audio,
Als Pixelord. 6xFile, WAV. Car Crash Set

Lucid Freaks Pt. 2

Published Audio,
Als Pixelord. 11xFile, MP3, 192. Error Broadcast

Lucid Freaks Pt. 1

Published Audio,
Als Pixelord. 4xFile, MP3, 19. Error Broadcast


Published Audio,
Als Gultskra Artikler. LP, Yel. Other Electricities

Gultskra Artikler / Lanterns - Berezka / Monkey Lament

Published Audio,
Als Gultskra Artikler. LP, Ltd, Gre + CD, MiniAlbum. Other Electricities

Kasha Iz Topora

Published Audio,
Als Gultskra Artikler. CD, Album, Miasmah


Published Audio,
Als Gultskra Artikler. CD, Album. Lampse


Published Audio,
Als Gultskra Artikler. 9xFile, MP3, Album, 192. Autoplate


Published Audio,
Als Gultskra Artikler. CD. Saag Records

Gruppa Turistov

Published Audio,
Als Gultskra Artikler. 6xFile, MP3, Album, VBR.Autoplate


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