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Minna Weurlander, Gustavo Tomás, Ketil Solberg, Mats Anderson, Andreas Kullberg, Ditlev Damkjaer
beauty, dream, love, power
Music (general, tango)
Accordion, Bandoneon, Bass, contra bass, Guitar, Piano, Violin
Europe, Nordic, America, South
Finland, Sweden, Argentina
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June 24, 2003
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The Intersection of Tango

The Quintet Cosmopolitango was born like the tango itself, in the intersection between different musical styles and traditions. In this quintet, tango , jazz and western art music all receive their natural places and the different kinds of music are weaved together in order to recreate ad revitilize the new tango of Astor Piazzolla with care and love. The music of Astor Piazzolla is called Tango Nuevo. Tango Nuevo is a kind of music , and just like Cosmoopolitango, uses contrasts in order to reach a unified musical expression. Great power, melancholy and aggressiveness blend together with outmost sensitivity. Add this to technical precision and virtuosity and a concert with ensemble CosmopoliTango becomes an unforgettable experience.
Author: Annika Salomonsson