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June 22, 2003
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Aks’ser, a rap formation from Beirut, made up of three persons: Waël Kodeih, Houssam Fathallah and Tarek Yamani. Houssam, 23, is a songwriter, composer and singer. He’s been involved in the rap scene since the age of 12, first in Canada and then in Lebanon. At the moment, he is studying electrical engineering—a skill which he can put to good use in computer-based music production, another interest of his. Tarek, 22, is a composer and plays guitar and piano—and derbuka when needed… He started learning the piano at a young age and went to classes at the state conservatory of music for twelve years. This has enabled him to play both in oriental music groups and in jazz bands; as he has become a fan of jazz, too. He has finished a degree in management and is now studying musicology. Waël, 23, is a songwriter, composer and singer. His instrument is a Pentium IV. He’s been writing poetry since he was seven, and even if he has become interested in different subjects in the meantime, the openness with which he treats them is still his defining characteristic. Waël is also interested in painting, and is studying graphics.
Author: House of World Cultures


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