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November 25, 2003
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Mohammad Ali Ghadami


Mohammad Ali Ghadami

The Iranian singer Mohammad Ali Ghadami is a master of the Maqam, which are musical forms belonging to Persian art-music and performed on religious and mystical occasions. The texts are songs of praise for the prophets and the 12 imams, who play a central role in Shiite belief. What counts in performing a maqam is the depth of inner feeling. It is said that a full and genuine performance of the maqam allaho can amount to suicide. Mohammad Ali Ghadami comes from the province Kermanshah, where for eight years he studied music and song under various masters at the faculty of music and musicology. In Iran the art of song is traditionally transmitted from master to pupil, and the leading masters of classical music took part in Ghadami´s education. Ghadami, born in 1946, is now teaching others at various schools, and his tours have taken him abroad, to Switzerland and Venezuela for instance. Mohammad Ali Ghadami performed with the ensemble Saghi at the Festival of Sacred Music 2003 in the House of World Cultures.
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