Slim Sanhaji

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Africa, Northern
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May 28, 2003
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Without a diving-board

Born in 1963, the author and director slim Sanhaji has learned theatre from the bottom up. His plays reflect on his generation´s boredom and lack of opportunities.
Born in Tunis in 1963, Slim Sanhaji got to know theatre as a hobby. As a child he took part in school dramas, then as a youth in amateur productions. He went on to become a lighting technician and a director´s assistant for Mohamed Driss, Taoufik Jebali and Fadhel Jaïbi, who were inspired by the ´68 movement to bring fresh air into Tunisian theatres. He is now moving out of their shadow. His first play, ´Safar´ (Travelling), was written and directed by him and is about a woman and two men who meet every day in a park to hide their hopeless longings under a cloud of words. ´My play is about a generation with a great longing to take off but without a diving-board for the jump.´
Author: Brigitte Heilmann


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(18 August 00 - 30 September 00)
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