Shih-Yi Lien

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borderline experience, memory, speed, time, transformation
Visual Arts (painting, photography)
Asia, Eastern
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May 26, 2003
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Always fascinated by the application of various media, Shih-Yi Lien´s practice comprises painting, photography and fibre arts. Her recent works, combining painting and embroidery, search for similar characteristics in the two media, while also exploring the point at which they diverge. It is through this process that the artist seeks to find a balance between media, techniques and her personal thoughts. Her work engages the viewer on multiple levels. At first sight, her images appear to display a concern with the capturing of a moment or a mood through the depiction of landscape. As one continues gazing, however, the formal quality of the work becomes apparent. ‘The viewer may feel that my works look like a series of continuous landscapes. If the viewer slows down his/her pace, then he/she will feel a rhythm coming out … though the rhythm is almost unheard’. Embroidery plays a large part in her work, valued as a disappearing craft that has been replaced by technology in the age of industrial development. With an intimate yet detached style, Lien uses intricate and elaborate stitches to record life and human relationships by tracing emotional states and ‘the ups and downs of the mind’. As well as having completed a residency in Vermont Studio Center, USA as a result of winning a Freeman Fellowship (Alternates Award) in 2001, Lien was artist in residence at Gasworks Gallery, UK from October to December 2002. The same year she also held her first solo exhibition at Taipei City Hall Famous Gallery in Taiwan.
Author: Diana Yeh, Visiting Arts


Shih-Yi Lien was born in 1971 in Taipei, where she currently lives and works. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at National Institute of the Arts in 1995 and received her master´s degree in Applied Arts at Tainan National College of the Arts in 2002.



Exhibition / Installation,
Work made during a residency at Gasworks Gallery in the UK


Exhibition / Installation,
Solo exhibition at Taipei City Hall Famous Gallery, Taipei


1. Freeman Fellowship (Alternates Awards), 2001, eight-week residency at Vermont Studio Center, USA.
2. Taipei and London Artist Exchange Programme, 2002 13-week residency at The Gasworks Artists’ Studio, London.


This artist took part in the following project(s) organized/funded by the partner institutions.

Taiwanese Residencies in the UK

(23 September 02 - 21 December 02)


Gasworks Gallery

Web page about Lien Shih-Yi´s residency at Gasworks, London

Taipei City Hall Famous Gallery, Taipei

Web page about Lien Shih-Yi´s solo exhibition at the Taipei City Hall Famous Gallery, Taipei
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