Ema Kugler

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anxiety, body
Visual Arts (installation art, performance, video art)
Europe, Southern
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May 23, 2003
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Gloomy picture worlds

The performance-artist Ema Kugler from Slovenia creates unusual worlds in which bodily changes take place in archetypical situations.
Ema Kugler combines performances, installations and video to create unusual worlds dominated by alienation and anxiety. Restless individuals are subjected to the unfathomable forces of fate, history, state and religion. An instant suffices to change a victim into a victimiser and vice versa. Ema Kugler´s sets are dark and monumental, and her costumes are like priestly robes. She shows bodily changes in archetypical situations.
Author: Brigitte Heilmann 


Group Exhibitions (Choice)

Exhibition / Installation
2005 "Territories, Identities, Nets”, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slowenia "Projected Vision“, SESC Sao Paulo / Vila Mariana, Săo Paulo, Brazil 2004 "International Festival of New Film and New Media Split 2004”, Split Film Festival, Split, Croatia 1998 "Transmediale 98, 11th Videofest”, Podewil, Berlin, Germany "Festival of Central European Culture”, The Lux Centre, London, Great Britain "16th World Wide Video Festival”, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands "12th Videobrasil Electronic Art International Festival”, Centro Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1997 "6. Slovenski Filmski Maraton”, Avditorij, Portorož, Slowenia "Interstanding 2”, Eesti Kunstakadeemia, Tallinn, Estonia "3. Sarajevo Film Festival”, Kinoteka BH, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina "Maraton ne samo en dan slovenskega ženskega filma in videa“, Slovenska Kinoteka, Ljubljana, Slowenia "Fiat - Festival Internacional Alternativ Teatra“, Dom omladine Budo Tomovi?, Podgorica, Montenegro "Videospotting (European Cultural Month)“, Klub Metropol, Ljubljana, Slowenia "19e Festival International de Films de Femmes”, Maison des Arts, Creteil, France "12. Film Video Monitor”, Kulturni dom, Gorizia, Italy "Ostranenie ´97”, Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany 1996 "Alpe Adria Cinema”, Cinema Excelsior, Triest, Italy "Videoformes 96”, Maison des Congrés, Clermont-Ferrand, France "From Alternative Scene to Art Video”, LACE Gallery, Los Angeles, USA "24. Festival der Nationen“, Kino Ebensee, Ebensee, Austria "Trnfest“, KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, Slowenia "Pepelkova - Gromki festival“, Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slowenia "11th Videobrasil - Electronic Art International Festival“, Centro Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil "5e Biennale Internationale du Film sur l´Art“, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France 1995 "Mesto žensk“, Kinoteka, Ljubljana, Slowenia "From Alternative Scene to Art Video“, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia "5. Slovenski Filmski Maraton”, Avditorij, Portorož, Slowenia 1994 "Alpe Adria Cinema“, Teatro Miela, Triest, Italy "9. Film Video monitor”, Kulturni dom, Gorizia, Italy "From Alternative Scene to Art Video: Video Production in Slovenia (1992-1994)”, Moderna Galerija, Rijeka, Croatia "22. Filmfestival der Nationen”, Kino Ebensee, Ebensee, Austria 1993 "3. Video Film Dance Festival“, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slowenia


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