Theatre du Centaure

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Emmanuel Bez, Camille Galle
animals, emigration, interdisciplinarity
Performing Arts (circus arts, comedy, forum theatre, performance, Set design, theatre)
Europe, Western
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August 27, 2007
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Theatre du Centaure –

a mythical being redefines the actor

Exploring the symbiosis between horse and human, Theatre du Centaure invokes the mythical centaur to produce new images for the stage.
The actor plays. The animal is. These simple truths formed the basis for Emmanuel (Manolo) Bez’s initial investigation of the part animal part human being centaur. The journey began with the establishment of Theatre du Centaur in Burgundy in 1989. Travelling locally and always followed by gangs of children, the initial performances in villages in rural France celebrated nomadic life and the epic sagas that historically have joined horse and human.
Manolo also began thinking less in terms of man and beast and more in terms of the human equestrian symbiosis known in mythology as the centaur. In 1992 he met Camille Galle, who grew up in a family of equestrian performers and was from an early age involved in the theatre. Together they set up research laboratories to investigate the possibilities of the actor/centaur.
Establishing residence outside of Marsielle in the Pastré countryside, they went on form the company. Their first production as a company, in 1998, was The Good Ones by Jean Genet, performed by three actor/centaurs. The success of this production enabled them to mount The Tragedy of Macbeth, an original adaptation fusing dance, martial arts, equestrian circus and bullfighting. The sensual power of the horses, the rich Shakespearian language combined in an explosive rendering of Shakespeare’s drama.
In 2001, collaborating with the architect Patrick Bouchain, the group built a theatre especially designed for the actor/centaur. In 2002 they recreated their Macbeth, this time employing twelve actor/centaurs! This performance toured the whole of 2003 to festivals in Avignon, Paris, Aurillac, Lyon and Marseilles, to name a few.
A residency in Morocco 2004 was followed by the creation Cargo. Initially created during the Spring of the Actors festival in Montpellier, Cargo Liner was further developed for the Terschelling Festival in Holland and with three actors, two horses, a donkey as well as filmic elements, the show went on to perform in Germany, Holland, Austria, Belgium and other countries. Their unique artistry and total dedication to creating something new, will make Theatre du Centaure a group to follow in years to come.
Author: Edward Buffalo Bromberg



Production / Performance,
A production where three characters in a large industrial port confront their desires and their anguishes with the reality which surround them.


Production / Performance,
Translation and adaptation of Shakespeares Macbeth for twelve actors centaur.

The Good Ones

Production / Performance,
A creation of Jean Genets play with three centaurs in a living room.


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