Liliana Toccaceli

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identity, memory, tradition
Performing Arts (dance)
America, South
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February 6, 2008
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ARTIST STATEMENT/ POSTCARD PROJECT OF THE HOUSE OF WORLD CULTURES 2007 “Thoughts about a dance play when the theme is based on the folk. An artistic dance creation based on the folk and created to be exposed to an audience could be considered as an expressive way in which the communicational dimension is entailed with the tradition of the binomial artist-spectator. This kind of dimension brings up the past to the light of the present actualizing the memory. We should not forget that folk topics are being frequently used by choreographers lately. Dance has amplified its frontiers making it possible to think about the effect that this kind of performance has on the public. In this sense we can ask: - Is it possible to analyze the processes of reminding tradition in regard to the effects that these cause on the public? – Could this type of productions, its diffusion and consumption lead to processes of identity configuration and memory?” (Liliana Toccaceli)
Author: House of World Cultures


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Postcard Project

(01 March 07 - 31 December 08)