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July 25, 2003
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Japanese mask dance

Onnaman bridges Japanese tradition with modern dance.
The Japanese solo dancer Miyoko takes you on a transforming journey which mixes traditional No dance and singing with modern dance drama.

Onnaman means mask, and the masking is the founding elements in the transformations of the dancer between different figures and from woman to man.

Japanese music floats against the public while a single dancer, Miyo, moves through life´s big feelings in the eternal borderland of the sexes, where attraction and masking of differences are played again and again. The public is brought into the creative process of creating a performance.

Based in Noh dance and song - the original traditional Japanese theatre form - the public follows the change from man to woman and between different figures.

After the performance, Miyo tells about the different symbols and elements in the classic Japanese dance.
Author: Karin Bergquist


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(08 August 03 - 26 September 03)