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Phillippine fiction

Lakambini A. Sitoy is a Philippine fiction writer and essayist.
Her novels are published in different magasines, including The Evening Paper, Today and Preview, and antologies in the Philippines, USA, Finland and France.

From 1996 Bing Sitoy has been connected with a number of publications in Manila either as an editor of some sort, or as a contributing writer. For the broadsheets she wrote lifestyle features and editorials.

Lakambini A. Sitoy explains her motivation to become a writer:

"As a child, I had a hyperactive imagination. I painted pictures and told stories, even before I could read. In our house we spoke two languages, English and Cebuano. I grew up in the part of the Philippines known as the Visayas. In Luzon, Tagalog is the native language; in the Visayas it is Cebuano. In Mindanao, which was settled by people from around the country who succeeded in marginalizing the Muslim tribes, the languages are English, Tagalog, Cebuano, and others".
Author: Karin Bergquist


1969: Lakambini A. Sitoy was born in Dumaguete City in the southern Philiphines.

She holds a bachelor degree in biology from Silliman University and a master degree in "creative writing".

She is a culture editor and columnist at Manila Times.


Pure Magic

Published Written,
For this book, Sitoy was awarded the First Prize, 1996 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. Lakambini Sitoy´s short story "Pure Magic" has been published by Tahanan Books for Young Readers in "The Golden Loom," a collection of 10 Palanca prizewinners. "Pure Magic" is about two little girls who think they are witches -- and are possibly right.


Lakambini A. Sitoy won the Philippines Free Press Award in 1994, six prices in the annual Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award since 1995 and Manila Critics´ Circle National Book Award for the collection of novels ´Mens Rea and Other Stories´ (1998) in 1999.


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