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July 28, 2003
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Gurinder Chadha, an Anglo-Indian director, made primarily television documentaries and film and video shorts up until her first feature, Bhaji on the Beach (1993). She began a fruitful alliance with British Film Institute and Channel 4 as producers with the 30-minute documentary, Iím English But ... (1989). Her first dramatic film short was the 11-minute Nice Arrangement (1990). After Bhaji on the Beach, Chadha directed a short, What Do You Call an Indian Woman Whoís Funny?, and made a cameo appearance in friend John Landisís The Stupids (1996). She returned to features with Whatís Cooking? (2000), selected as the opening night film at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2001, Chadha directed the huge box office hit, Bend it like Beckham, about a young Punjabi girlís passionate involvement in football
Author: House of World Cultures


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