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November 18, 2003
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Else Marie Bukdahl


Rector and Instigator of Cultural Exchange

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts is a public, state institution of higher learning. Founded in 1754, the Academy is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and was built and given as a gift by the King, as a means of cultivating a deeper appreciation for artistic forms. The Academy consists of nine departments and offers a six-year course of study. Currently, the Institution accommodates 210 students annually and draws upon the expertise of eight professors who place emphasis on academic and artistic excellence. Striving to address the needs and interests of a diverse student population, the Academy offers studies in painting, sculpting, graphic arts, computers, media, and other challenging subjects. As the Rector of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Dr. Bukdahl provides instruction and oversees all aspects of academy operations. Possessing extensive educational credentials, she lends her expertise to art history and aesthetics in modern arts. Dr. Bukdahl supplies students with endless opportunities for self-expression, exploration, and discovery in the performance of her duties in research for artistic publications. In her present position since 1985, Dr. Bukdahl plans to complete her term at the Academy and turn her attention to the study of French art criticism of the eighteenth century. Else Marie Bukdahl wrote the text, “The world of reenchantment”, for the catalogue of the Exhibition Overlaps. North-Southeast in Sharjah Art Museum 2000. In 2001 she was a member of the panel of judges at the Fifth Sharjah International Biennial. At the symposium held here, she also gave a lecture on “Philosophy and variables of art in contemporary information society”.
Author: Edited by Annika Salomonsson


Career steps: Rector, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1985-present); Instructor, University of Copenhagen (1976-82); University of Aarhus: Acting Professor (1970-72); Assistant Professor (1966-70).

Associations & Accomplishments: New Carlsberg Foundations; Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters; Recognition (An Order) from the Queen.

Education: University of Copenhagen, D.Phil (1980); University of Aarhus, M.A. (1964).



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