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July 2, 2003
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Untraditional klezmer and balkan music

Tummel is a klezmer and balkan band based in Malmö/ Sweden and Copenhagen/Denmark. From the start in 1997 they won a devoted Malmö audience, and have since then been welcomed in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Italy, Slovenia and Estonia.
Tummel plays traditional klezmer and balkan music, but arranged in their own, often untraditional way, and also also write much own material. All band members are trained instrumentalists and make up for a vivacious presence on stage. The music of Tummel blends dynamic Balkan rhythm with slow, sad horas. Involving elements of both extreme joy and extreme sorrow, Tummel´s performances reflect the history the music has floated through. But in Tummel´s case, happiness dominates.
In 2001, Tummel released their debut album “OY!”, and in 2004, this was followed by 2nd album "Transit", both of which have been met with great acclaim by the critics.
Besides regular concerts, Tummel often do school concerts and workshops, and have also developed a special material for co-operations with amateur wind orchestras.
Klezmer is the tradititional folk music of the eastern European jewish people. It is a mixture of the music that the jews brought with them from before the diaspora and the music of the people they came to live amongst. In the 20th century, the wars brought many jews to America, where the jewish musicians met the early jazz music, which added new
influences and new instruments to klezmer music. At every jewish party, be it a wedding, a bar mitsvah or whatever, the musicians (klezmorim) play an essential role.
“Tummel” is the sound that arises from a totally unrestrained party. “Ein Tumler“ is a guy hired by the host of the party to keep the partying frenzy up, whatever the cost.
Tummel has played at most of the major concert venues in Sweden and Denmark, been Concert of the Week in national Swedish Television, represented Sweden at the World Exhibition in Hannover, and much more. They have cooperated with master Bulgarian Kaval player Lyuben Dossev, and in 2006, they will play at the Olympic Games in Turin.
Author: Tummel, edited by Yuliana Yankova


Tummel is a klezmer and balkan band started in 1997 and based in Malmö/Sweden and Copenhagen/Denmark. The bandmembers are:

Edin Bahtijaragic: accordeon. While growing up in Bosnia, it was Edin´s plan to become an architect, and it was not until he came to Sweden that he grew a passionate interest for the music he had grown up with. Has a degree in traditional music from the academy of Malmö, and works as a music teacher.

Pär Moberg: saxophone. Former rock-singer wannabee who fell in love with folk in his early twenties and picked up the saxophone. Although Pär claims to be true to klezmer, he has a very serious affair with Scandinavian folk music. Known as the “professor” of the band, who composes for a variety of groups. He also has a degree in traditional Music from the academy of Malmö, and works as a folk ensemble teacher both at the Highschool of music and at the Academy of Music in Malmö, besides playing with several other bands.

Daniel Persson: drums. Besides studying agronomy in Copenhagen, Daniel also finds the time to play drums and percussion with several of Malmö´s acnowledged bands. Enjoys everything from Symphonic rock to Reggae.

Øivind Slaatto: tuba. With only one year left of his studies at the Conservatory of music in Copenhagen, Øivind decided to change career, and was accepted as a student at the Accademy of Industrial design instead. He still plays tuba, of course, and is actually developing a whole new concept for the design of this un-ergonomic instrument.

Tobias Allvin: guitar and bozouki. Speaking Russian is one of the many talents of this punk-guitarist-turned-bozoukiman, who besides playing klezmer also plays greek music. Studies traditional music at the academy in Malmö.

Annika Jessen: A vagabond and restless soul, and the natural focus of attention of the band with her piercing and agile clarinet. After studies both in Stockholm, Piteå, Gothenburg and Copenhagen, Annika has settled in Malmö, where she besides Tummel has worked a lot with theatre music. Her newest passion is Brazilian music.

Andreas Rudenå, fiddle and guitar
Andreas came into the band as a replacer for Tobias, but we loved him so much that we decided to keep him. A year in Romania brought the right Balkan feel into his fiddle playing, which was previously mainly influenced by Swedish folk. About to finish his studies in traditional music at the Academy in Malmö.


Fireworks Concert

Production / Performance,
Grand finale of the season at the big concert venue Dalhalla in Rättvik, Sweden


Published Audio,

Concert of the Week

Published Audio,
Live concert broadcasted by the National danish radio, winter 2004

Concert of the week

Production / Performance,
Broadcasted live concert in National Television.


Published Audio,
Tummels first record, released in february 2001.

World-exhibition in Hannover

Production / Performance,
Represented Sweden at the World-exebition in Hannover.


Nominated for best world music record in Denmark, 2002.
Nominated for the "Audience Award" of the Danish World Music Magazine Djembe.
Nominated for Best world music cd of the year at "Manifest 2005", the independent record labels´ own annual award ceremony.


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