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beauty, perception
Performing Arts (happening, installation, performance, theatre)
Europe, Nordic
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May 28, 2003
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Kirsten Dehlholm


An Exhibition of Theatre

Visual concepts staged

Kirsten Dehlholm is the founder and artistic director of Hotel Pro Forma; a vehicle for visual composition at the boundary of performance and exhibition. Every new production is a new experiment and contains double staging; partly of its contents and the space and partly of the notion of theatre itself. With every production new themes are examined.
It is intrinsic to the concept of the performances that the traditions and the architecture of the venue becomes part of the performance. Space is a co-player; explains Kirsten Dehlholm. Each production is the result of a close collaboration between artists from many disciplines, architecture, visual arts, music, film , language, dance, science, and digital media.The performers are carefully selected with this result in mind and comply with the qualities that the concept and the nature of the performance require.
Because space, concept, collaborators and performers vary from one production to the next, all Hotel Pro Forma performances are distinct and unique. As a "Nomadic" theatre, Hotel Pro Forma is in constant motion and always appraoching reality from different angels. This reality is then staged.
Hotel Pro Forma has created performances for museums, town halls and public buildings of architectural significance as well as for theatres in Europe, Mexico, Japan, Australia and USA.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Kirsten Dehlhom was born in Denmark in 1945. Delholm´s background is in visual arts and she has workd with art since 1977. For 9 years she worked with Billledstoftteater ( Theatre of Images) where she was responsible for the artistic direction. Dehlholm founded Hotel Pro Forma in 1985 and has since then been its artistic director.Her work includes creating concepts and directing performances and exhibitions for Hotel Pro Forma as well as directing opera and theatre for institutional theatres. Kirsten Dehlholm lives in Denmark.


I only appear to be dead

Production / Performance,
The title I only appear to be dead refers to the handwritten note Hans Christian Andersen placed on his bedside table at night, driven to do so by his fear of being buried alive. Material drawn from Andersen’s diaries, as ”brilliantly interpreted by Delholm’s presentation” show a completely different Andersen from the internationally celebrated writer of fairytales. Here darkness, doubt and fatality prevail. The diaries bear harrowing witness to the fact that he found it hard to control his imagination. I only appear to be dead exposes the frightening aspects of Andersen’s journeys and fantasies. Photograph by Roberto Fortuna


Production / Performance,
Inspired by the life and work of the Russian physicist and inventor Leon Theremin (1896-1993). He was a pioneer in the science of physics and creator of the first electronic music instrument in the early Soviet Union, which still believed in Utopia. During his life he went through migration, political imprisonment, developing spying devices for the government. THEREMIN counts tales of world history through a mixture of ether music, theatre, opera. THEREMIN was part of SEAS Events 2004.

Site Seeing Zoom

Exhibition / Installation,
Digital Installation/performance


Exhibition / Installation,

Chinese Compass

Production / Performance,

House of the Double Axe

Production / Performance,

Monkey Business Class

Production / Performance,
Memorial musical/performance

Dust Wau! Dust

Production / Performance,
Imax Art film/Performance

The Picture of Snow White

Production / Performance,
Live Art Performance


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Hotel Pro Forma


Web-site of the project THEREMIN
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Investigations of the World

Article by Kirsten Delholm
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Article on Performance
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Sense Collecting

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