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July 16, 2003
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Bansi Kaul
Photo: The Rang Vidushak Group


Silent laughter

Bansi Kaul is an eminent theatre and art film director, designer and visualizer. He has experimented with theatrical spaces by playing with form, colour and sound. He has founded the theatre gorup Rang Vidushak, known for revitalizing the silenced laugher in their extraordinary clown-performances.
Bansi Kaul has developed a new idiom and performance language.

His in depth research in the sociology of performing and non-performing art-forms has created an actor´s gymnasium based on the principles of the akhada, natgiri, modern dance, story-telling, indigenous village-games and music.

Experiments through interweaving the performing and non-performing art forms have led him to giving a new dimension to the existing stage metaphor. He is an eminent visualiser and designer of space. His creativity has been a major force in establishing relations between theatre communities both, in India and internationally.

As a space designer Bansi Kaul has transformed informal spaces, rocky terrain, sand dunes, concrete jungles into areas for performance. He has been experimenting with theatrical spaces through playing with form, colour and sound at many festivals in India and abroad.

Bansi Kaul has directed productions using local folk idioms within and outside India in several languages, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Singhalese.

Kaul has regularly workshops with children. He recently stated in a local paper:

´´through children, once we attained projection of laughter as a vocal protest, we soon became a group of collective celebrations. Since then, we started disseminating social messages to the public through our joyous theatrical shows´.´
Author: Karin Bergquist


1949: Bansi Kaul was born on August 23, in Srinagar, India.

1977: International Theatre Festival in Bogota, Columbia.

2002: International Theatre Festival, in Dhaka Bangladesh.


Kahan Kabir

Production / Performance,
A multiple narration gradually takes shape with the unfolding of the interpretations of Kabir?s verses.


Bansi Kaul has been awarded :
- the Shikhar Samman by the Madhya Pradesh Government.
- the Safdar Hashmi Award by the Uttar Pradesh Government.
- the Sangit Natak Akademi Award by the Central Government.
- the Chamanlal Memorial Award.


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