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Shahram Sharbaf (singer, songwriter), Shahrokh Izadkhah (guitar, setar), Babak Riahipour (bass)
Music (rock)
Middle East
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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February 14, 2004
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O-Hum is a rock band founded in 1998 by Shahram Sharbaf (singer, songwriter), Shahrokh Izadkhah (guitar, setar) and Babak Riahipour (bass). O-Humís music features a mix of traditional and electronic instruments, and digital technologies. The Iranian Ministry of Arts and Culture has rejected all their requests to be allowed to perform publicly or release an album in Iran. Nonetheless, thanks to a homepage feature letting fans download the first album "Nahal-e Heyrat" ("The Sapling of Wonder"), O-Hum has managed to reach a mass audience, not only among young Iranians but also abroad. In the first few weeks, more than 15,000 fans downloaded O-Humís single "Hafez In Love". The restrictions on performing led Shahram and Shahrokh to leave Iran in July 2002 to earn their living as musicians in Canada. In the meantime, Shahram has returned to Iran and has continued O-Hum together with the bassist Babak and a changing line-up of other musicians.
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Published Audio,
BAM Studio

Hafez in Love...

Published Audio,
BAM Studio

Nahal-e Heyrat

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BAM Studio


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