Teboho Mahlatsi

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violence, youth
Film (children & youth, documentary)
Written and spoken word (film script)
Africa, Southern
South Africa
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April 26, 2003
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Teboho Mahlatsi, born in 1974, graduated from the Africa Cultural Centre Film & Television Course and then spent five years working as a screenwriter. He produced and directed the documentary “Ghetto diaries” for the South African educational channel SABC Education TV. His most recent work, a television series targeted at young people, is a big hit in South Africa, regularly achieving ratings of more than 50%. “Yizo Yizo” (2001), meaning more or less, “that’s the way it is,” is set mainly in the school milieu in black townships on the outskirts of Johannesburg. The main roles are played by well-known actors and by young people from the slums. With rapid, stark cuts like the video clips the young people watch, and set to the powerful rhythms of Kwaito music, the series addresses the social problems of young people in South Africa. The show sparked passionate debate among teachers and parents, while some in parliament even demanded that it be banned. Mahlatsi, now working on the series’ third season, comments “Even our most vehement critics have to admit that the series reflects the reality at many schools.” (cited in: Gerd Ruge, Fernsehen und Wirklichkeit in Johannesburg, www.wdr.de/tv/gerd-ruge-in-afrika/tagebuch/johannesburg.phtml)
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Yizo Yizo



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