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Lotus Ungu
gender, human rights, religion, subculture, taboo
Performing Arts (dance)
Visual Arts (drawing, installation art, painting, performance, sculpture)
Asia, Southeast
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May 12, 2003
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Indonesian feminism?

Born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1970, Lenny Ratnasari initially trained as a dancer, studying Javanese, Balinese and Sudanese dance at Sanggar Sekar Melati, Jakarta. In 1990, however, she decided to enrol as an art student at the Faculty of Languages and Art at the IKIP Training College in Yogyakarta. Finishing her studies in art and crafts there in 1995, she then moved to Hungary to further her training at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Juhasz Gyula Training College, Szeged in Hungary. Ratnasari works across different media including performance, installation and sculpture, painting and drawing through which she explores the positioning of women in society. Although she sees herself as an ´Indonesian feminist´, she is quick to distinguish herself from Western feminists. Her work also investigates subcultures, religion and taboo and is informed by a passion for human rights. In 2002, Ratnasari won a Visiting Arts Fellowship to travel to Britain to live and work. During her residency at Delfina Studio in the UK, she worked to develop links between artists in Indonesia and Britain. She was particularly interested in working with groups of Muslim women in London, looking at the issues they face and how they compare with those in Indonesia. Her residency ended in June 2003. Ratnasari has exhibited extensively in Indonesia and has had solo shows in Hungary and Britain. She has previously undertaken residencies in The Netherlands and has participated in artists workshops across South East Asia.
Author: Diana Yeh,Visiting Arts


Lenny Ratnasari was born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1970. She began her career as a dancer before becoming a visual artist. She has exhibited extensively in Indonesia and has had solo shows in Hungary and Britain as well. She is based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.



Exhibition / Installation,
Experimental Women Dewi Sri, The British Council in Jakarta, Indonesia Real Indonesian Ethnic Beauty, Joglo Jago: Jogyakarta Aksi Berantas Bibir Bisu (Action for the Elimination of Silent Lips), The PEREK Group PERempuan EKsperimental (Experimental Women), Malioboro Mall, Yogyakarta Tarian Bunga Pertiwi (Earth Flower Dance), Perempuan sebagai Lokomotive perekonomian Indonesia (Women as an Economic Force in Indonesia) Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta Industri sound, Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Jogyakarta Affirmative Action, ISI, Jogyakarta Kemah Budaya Seniman Indonesia (Indonesian Artists´ Culture Camp) at Parangtritis, Jogyakarta


Exhibition / Installation,
Outdoor Sculpture ´JESUS´ in Widya Mandala University Garden in Surabaya, Indonesia Relief concerning the 27 provinces of Indonesia in Widya Mandala University, Surabaya, Indonesia Outdoor Sculpture ‘Bird’ in IKIP (Teachers´ Training College), Jogyakarta, Indonesia


Exhibition / Installation,
2002 Indonesian and Liechtensteiner artist in Societet Building Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2002 ‘Experimental Women’, The British Council, Jakarta, Indonesia 2002 ‘Real Indonesian Ethnic Beauty’, Joglo Jago Jogyakarta 2001 ‘Perempuan dan Diseminasi Makna dan Ruang’ (Woman and the Dissemination of Meaning and Space), National Gallery, Jakarta 2001 ‘Kelompok Sepi’ (The Quiet Group), Sheraton Mustika Hotel, Jogyakarta 2000 ‘Patung 2000’ (Sculpture 2000) API, Asosiasi Pematung Indonesia, Garuda Hotel, Jogyakarta 2000 ‘Percakapan di tengah padang’ (Conversation in Mid-field), Erasmus Huis, Dutch Embassy, Jakarta 2000 ‘Night‘s Scream’, Embun Gallery, Jogyakarta 1999 ‘Kelompat Bentara Budaya’, Jogyakarta 1999 ‘Kelompok Sepi’ (The Quiet Group) Vredenberg, Jogyakarta 1998 ‘Bias Kuntum Saraswati’ (Refraction on a Diva´s Flower), Affandi Museum, Jogyakarta 1997 ‘Dialok Dua Kota II’ (A Dialogue of Two Cities II) ISI-IKJ, Purna Budaya, Jogya 1997 ‘Yogyakarta Arts Festival’ (FKY), Vredenberg, Jogyakarta 1997 ‘Kelompok Gumpal’ (The Clump Group), ISI, Jogyakarta 1997 ‘Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang’ (Darkness Finished, Let There Be Light), ISI, Jogyakarta 1996 ‘Talalkozasok’, with artists from Indonesia, Hungary, Kazakstan, Indonesian Embassy, Budapest 1995 ‘Pekan Kartini’ (Kartini Week), Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Jogyakarta 1994 ‘Dies Natalis’, Jogyakarta State University: Jogyakarta 1993 ‘Jogyakarta-Bali’, Fine Art Exhibition, Jogyakarta State University, Jogyakarta


Exhibition / Installation,
2003 ‘Open Studio’, Delfina Studio, London, UK 1998 ‘Up to You’, Kedai Kebun, Jogyakarta, Indonesia 1996 ‘Kotodesek’, Impala Haz Gallery, Szeged, Hungary


2002?2003 Artist Residency for the Visiting Arts/Delfina Studio, London
2002 Fine Arts Workshop with 4 Liechtensteiner artists at Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI), Jogyakarta
2001 Artist in Residence (3 months) in The Netherlands
2000 Arts conference orgainized by the Indonesian Sculptors´ Association, with Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana X (Sultan of Yogyakarta)
1997 Project for Elemental Aesthetics (Sculpture and Relief) at Widya Mandala University, Surabaya, Indonesia
1997 Graphic Workshop with Dutch artists at Cemeti Gallery, Jogyakarta
1997 Female Sculpture Workshop, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore
1996 Ceramics Workshop with Japanese artists at ISI Jogyakarta
1996 Sculpture, ceramics, painting Workshop with local sculptor: Szeged, Hungary
1996 Independent Arts Visits to Romania, Bosnia, Croatia. Austria, Slovakia, The Czech Republic
1995?6 Artist in residence for study in Juhasz Gyula College, Szeged, Hungary.


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