Alireza Amini

Film (feature film, short film)
Middle East
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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February 11, 2004
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Alireza Amini


Alireza Amini, born in Iran in 1970, initially studied directing, although he first worked as a theatre director after completing his degree. Later he turned to the short film genre producing, for example, “The Gift” (1994), “The Case” (1995), “The Letter” (1998), “The Teacher’s Home” (1998) and “Dark Angel” (2002). He has also shot a number of feature films and shorts together with the director Bahman Gobadi, including “A Time for Drunken Horses”, “The Green Frame”, “Here is Tehran” and “The Rainbow”. His first venture into directing a full-length feature film alone was “Letters of the Wind” (2002), recounting what happens when young Iranians drafted for military service in Tehran start listening to secretly recorded talks. His films have received a number of international awards at various film festivals.
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