Seiko Mikami

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July 4, 2003
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Seiko Mikami (*1961) has been approaching the problems concerning the circumstances of human information by dealing with such topics as the immunity of the living body, digital perceptions and man-machine interfaces. She is particularly concerned with the distance between the object and the viewer. “I’m not interested in the physical objects produced by my work, despite the fact that I am impressed by real objects and by painting, but in materialising the invisible space that arises between the body and the object.” Her latest piece, Molecular Informatics. Morphogenic Substance Via Eye Tracking is a work in progress and four versions of it have been released up to now. These interactive installations use optical recognition technology and traces the user’s eyes in realtime. Another well-known piece of Seiko Mikami is “World,Membrane and the Dismembered Body”, the emphasis in this piece lies in contrast to Molecular Informatics on auditive perception. The works of Mikami have been shown in several international museums and festivals, such as Canon Artlab, Tokyo (1996); V2, Rotterdam (1996); EXIT: festival international, Maison des Arts, Creteil, France (1998); Via98, festival international, Le Manege /Maubeuge (1998); Singular Electrics, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona (1999); Vision Machine, Musee des Beaux Arts des Nantes (2000). Seiko Mikami lives and works in Tokyo.
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Molecular Informatics
Molecular Informatics

Molecular Informatics

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