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Anna Elwing, Jonas Göransson, Karin Ohlsson, Tina Quartey, Torbjörn Righard
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June 16, 2003
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Improvisation and Integration

Alwa is firmly rooted within the Swedish folk music tradition whilst remaining open to a wide spectrum of inspirational sources. Their musical mix is truly an eclectic one as they mix traditional Nordic material wih blues, bluegrass and rock. Alwa also incorporates elements of free jazz, West African Youruba music and Cuban Santeria into their music. Alwa´s intrumental setting sets tehm apart from the standard Swedish folkband: flowing fiddles and soaring vocals on top of an undertow of percussion, saxophones and guitars.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Alwa´s first Cd came out in 2002. Tina Quartey-percussion, Torbjörn Righard - saxophone and flute, Karin Ohlsson - violin and viola collaborated with singer Anna Elwing and Jonas Göransson-electric and acoustic guitars to create an album full of energy and emotional content.



Published Audio,
Alwas first CD - produced by Amigo Promotion



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