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April 28, 2003
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Jun Yu
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The art of playing Zheng

In 1979 Yu Jun began playing the Zheng which is one of China´s oldest instruments.
Zheng is a kind of harp instrument. It was a family tradition to play this instrument, and her first teacher was therefore her aunt. Later Yu Jun studied at the music academy in Shanghai and graduated in 1997 from the department for traditional music.

Yu Jun has performed at major concerts in China, Japan and Germany. She has performed in Denmark several times. Here she has played with Danish New Jungle Orchestra and Hotel Pro Forma and taken part in the making of the movie "Aben Osvald" ("Osvald, the Monkey").
Author: Morten Skeldal Ostergaard


Born in Shanghai, China, in 1971
1979 Started playing Zheng.
1981 First public performance
1994-1997 Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


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