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Malika Ait-Zouin, Malika Mahjoubi, Fatima Bakkou, Halima Chamkhi, Fatima Malih
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May 17, 2003
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´The Daughters of Marrakesh´

The five musicians and singers of B´Net Marrakesh - ´The Daughters of Marrakesh´ in translation - grew up in l´Houra, a Berber region south of Marrakesh in Morocco. Today they live in Marrakesh. They have been singing together for 15 years - at weddings, births, circumcisions and at the Islam Festival of Saints, the ´Mouled´. Their singing reflects the special character of different Moroccan musical Berber traditions: a mixture of religious and secular-entertaining music: chaâbi (urban music), gnawa (trance music) and tasawwuf (sufi music) are here at home. The stars of the band are the two singers Malik Mahjoubi and Malika Ait-Zouin.
Events at the HKW:
February 27, 1999
B´Net Marrakesh - Chaâbi from Morocco
Organiser: House of the Cultures of the World


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Divas from Marocco, ED, 2002 Chama´a, ED, 2002