Borka Pavicevic

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May 11, 2004
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Borka Pavicevic
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Borka Pavicevic

Borka Pavicevic was born in Kotor (Montenegro) in 1947. She graduated from the Academy for Theatre, Film, Radio and TV in Belgrade in 1971. She has worked as dramaturg and publisher. In 1994 Borka Pavicevic founded the Centre for Cultural Decontamination to counteract the politics of Milosevic and all forms of nationalism, xenophobia, intollerance, hatred and fear. To date the Centre has organised more than 2000 different performances, exhibitions, theatre events, protest actions, lectures, etc. Currently she lives in Belgrade.
Author: Yuliana Yankova


2004 - Hiroshima Prize. The Prize was established in 1989 to honor individuals in the cultural field who have greatly contributed to deepening dialogue, understanding and peace in conflict regions.


Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade

Borka Pavicevic is director of the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade.
Borka Pavicevic
Centre for Cultural Decontamination
Borka Pavicevic
Borka Pavicevic
Borka Pavicevic
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