Cherifa Kersit

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January 22, 2004
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Cherifa Kersit

Cherifa Kersit was born in 1967 in Tazrut Mu Uxbu in the area of Khénifra. Cherifa started training her voice when she was a little girl looking after her herd. At sixteen she started singing at weddings and local festivals and events. The natural talent of her voice has put Cherifa Kersit in the position of a cheikhat - professional singers and dancers who sometimes are part of the chorus of great masters, and other times become soloists continuing an ancient tradition of poetry declamation. The master Mohamed Rouicha, a famous singer of the Middle-Atlas region, soon noticed her and engaged her in his chorus. After that Cherifa rapidly developed becoming a soloist of great power and mastery.
Author: Odin Teatret


La Voix De La Paix

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Songs Of Berber Tradition

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Cherifa’s warm voice proclaims the words of Berber poets. At first retained and secret, and then suddenly breaking through with the help of the bendir percussion, her voice echoes the mountainous geography and the volcanic earth characteristic of the Moroccan region of Middle-Atlas. In her concert Cherifa is accompanied as always by Aziz Aârim, whose lotar lute evokes both the Oriental and African colours of the Berber music, and by the two percussionists, Raho El Moussaoui and Salah Maâroufi, whose bendir rhythms are a permanent invitation to dance. Singer: Cherifa Kersit Lute: Aziz Aârim Percussion: Raho El Moussaoui and Salah Maâroufi

Berber Blues

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60 ans de chant et de poésie kabyles

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