Hazem Nemrawi

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May 14, 2003
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Hazem Nemrawi
Hazem Nemrawi


Adhering to homeland

Jordanian artist Hazem Nemrawi comes from Irbid. He was educated at Yarmouk University there and graduated in 1997. He works in various materials and makes installations of natural and artificial materials, dealing with issues related to the Middle East situation.
Jordanian artist Hazem Nemrawi was born in 1975 in Irbid. He gained a BA in Fine Arts from Yarmouk University in Irbid in 1997.

He works in watercolour, ceramics, acrylics, mixed media and makes installations. His piece ´Siege´ was intended to portray the siege in the West Bank and in the Arab countries. He describes the work. ´Contradictory materials were manipulated in this work. The first was natural (olive tree twigs and wild thyme veins). Felt to be close to you, your soul and feelings, felt to be honest maintaining the warmth of truth. Adhering to homeland. The other was artificial (nylon). It is felt to be distant, as if it were against nature and nervous, stifles and hinders nature.´

Hazem Nemrawi was shortlisted for the Visiting Arts/Delfina Annual Fellowship in 2001 on the nomination of Rafa Al-Nasiri, Director of the Bahrain Center for Fine Arts and Heritage at the University of Bahrain.
Author: Judith Staines


Hazem Nemrawi was born in 1975 in Irbid in Jordan. He gained a BA in Fine Arts from Yarmouk University in 1997.



Exhibition / Installation,
2001 Sharjah International Biennial 2000 4th Plastic Arts Week, Royal Cultural Centre, Jordan 2000 Spring Festival, Amman, Jordan 2000 4th Formalist Arts Week, Royal Cultural Centre, Amman 1999 Beirut International Biennale 1995 Sentiments, Yarmouk University


2000 3rd prize, Ceramic Plate Contest, organised by Queen Rania of Jordan
1997 ´Art Recognition Plate´ from Yarmouk University


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Delfina International Fellowship 2001

(30 October 01 - 02 February 02)
Hazem Nemrawi
Hazem Nemrawi
Hazem Nemrawi
Hazem Nemrawi
Hazem Nemrawi
Intifadat Al Aqsa